FoS, Al Gore and international experts support Milan’s bid for Expo 2015 focused on food sustainability

Dr Bray introduced Friend of the Sea sustainable certification scheme to 200 BIE delegates at the International Forum in Milan

Mrs Moratti, Mayor of Milan, welcomed last week about 200 BIE delegates and 9 ministers from 94 countries to the International Forum on Working together for Food Safety, Food Security and Health Lifestyle in Milan. The Milan Expo 2015 Scientific Committee of internationally-noted researchers and experts has already actively cooperated with a large number of countries and their research hubs. Starting with the Semat project carried out by the Milan Polytechnic in team with the University of Queensland in Australia to monitor the marine environment, or the agreement between Bicocca University of Milan and the government of the Maldives for research into the special eco-system and food system of the archipelago.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore supports the city in its bid to host the forthcoming Universal Exposition (see video at “Milan– stated the former US vice president – is implementing policies to make it become one of the most environmentally-friendly cities”. “I am personally thankful to Mayor Letizia Moratti – Gore added – for having shared some of her ideas with the “Alliance for Climate Protection” and I am happy to announce that we are about to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on communications and information with the intent of sharing know-how and best practices in areas such as energy efficiency and environmental protection “. Gore also spoke of the value of the environmental policies being implemented by the capital of Lombardy, now that the attention of the international community is concentrated on the city’s action plan for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Paolo Bray, director of Friend of the Sea (, described the main international concerns related to seafood production, such as the decreasing resources availability and fishing methods impact on the habit. “Friend of the Sea promotes products sourced from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, supporting traditional fisheries such as Azores pole and line for tuna, Senegal small scale, Morocco and Kroatian pelagic fleet for anchovies.” – Bray added – “We believe that producing and trading seafood in a sustainable way will be a must by 2015. Milan Expo 2015, focused on sustainable food production, is a milestone initiative which will turn the concept of ‘sustainable food production’ into an international industry standard.”

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