Friend of the Sea Marine conservation projects

The Friend of the Sea certification programme was launched as a response to pervasive industrial neglect towards the upkeep of pristine marine environments. Although commercial success has been instilled through Friend of the Sea’s certification standard, much of the public continues to remain in the dark to the endless threats that marine species still suffer due to human misbehaviour.

As a further response to this information gap, Friend of the Sea is engaged in numerous, species-specific conservation projects to attract the attention to the underappreciated issues. The ultimate goal is to pressure decision makers to incorporate relevant legislation and ameliorate the issues.

How can we be more aware of marine conservation issues?

The concerning deteriorating state of the world’s oceans and the consequential social, health, and economic repercussions have prompted numerous international institutions to bolster efforts in reversing the human induced damage and ensure that pristine marine ecosystems remain intact.

Leading international bodies are promoting the development of strategies and marine conservation programmes to ensure these ambitions materialise, permitting the sustainable usage of marine resources whilst maintaining harmonious coexistence with the innumerable biodiversity and ecosystems involved.

Friend of the Sea, in line with its mission to conserve the marine environment, has supported different marine conservation projects over the years. It has also developed, in collaboration with scientific experts and organisations, projects and campaigns to protect endangered species.

Friend of the Earth is also engaged in conservation projects concerning the protection of endangered terrestrial species and landscapes, which can be found here.