Snorkeling is a very simple way to admire the wonders of the sea. Simply by wearing a mask, snorkel and fins you will be able to see what happens below the surface of the water and discover how its inhabitants live.

Millions of people snorkel every year, but not all of them behave in a way that doesn’t harm the marine environment.

For this reason Friend of the Sea has created a certification standard dedicated
to tour operators offering snorkeling activities, to give clear indications on how to
snorkel and protect the marine ecosystem.

This standard has been developed in collaboration with Luca Saponari, a marine
biologist expert in sustainable tourism.

The Standard

Friend of the Sea Sustainable Snorkeling standard seeks to minimise unintentional disturbance through key principles of conduct.

Friend of the Sea criteria for Sustainable Snorkeling require:

  • don’t touch any marine organism;
  • how to behave into the water;
  • don’t feed any animal;
  • training programmes for operators and crew;
  • scientific data collection;
  • no mono-use plastic onboard.


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