Omega Active from Revive Active obtains Friend of the Sea sustainability certification

Revive Active, Ireland’s number one vitamin, mineral and dietary supplement brand, this April achieved the Friend of the Sea certification for its Omega 3 product ‘Omega Active’.

Founded in 2011, the Revive Active brand provides nutrition and health support for all types of needs, from boosting physical and mental agility, beauty and immune system to addressing more tailored necessities, such as those linked to the menopausal journey or to  children’s development.

Revive Active’s vision takes shape through a line of 10 multifaceted products, available in powdered sachets & capsule form. The Super Supplements are manufactured and produced in Ireland and exported to over 48 countries worldwide.

Omega Active is the first Omega 3 supplement introduced to the Revive Active range and the brand’s first product to obtain the Friend of the Sea certification.

Launched in 2008 by Paolo Bray, Friend of the Sea is a project of the World Sustainability Organization and stands as the leading certification for products that respect the marine environment. In particular, the Sustainable Omega 3 standard verifies several requirements such as the impact on the ecosystem, the energy efficiency, the social accountability and the prevention of fish overexploitation in the production of Omega 3 oils.

The awarding  of this certification, which was defined  as “non-negotiable” by Revive Active’s Research and Development team , not only represents an acknowledgement of the high quality and sustainability of Omega Active, but it also reflects the business ethic of the brand.

This consists of fostering customers’ loyalty, collaborating with experts in the field of nutrition and health to produce all of their supplements, and maintaining a continuous commitment to ESG standards.

In fact, Revive Active is also on a journey to become certified as a B Corporation to validate its social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability criteria.

By choosing Omega Active, consumers can be confident that they are consuming scientifically formulated Omega 3 supplements that are efficient and environmentally responsible.

For further information on Revive Active’s mission and products, visit the website