Whale Shark Watching

Whale shark is the biggest fish in the world! Although it can reach up to 20 meters in length, this shark is totally harmless to humans.

Interactions with these gentle giants have increased significantly, and anyone can swim with them simply by doing snorkelling.

Unfortunately, these contacts with humans may be bad for whale sharks, and for this reason we have created rules of conduct that aim to protect these beautiful animals.

The standard, made in collaboration with Deni Ramirez from Whale Shark Mexico, is applicable to all tour operators who want to do responsible tourism and protect whale sharks.

whale shark snorkelling fos sustainable certification

The Standard for Sustainable Whale Shark Watching

Friend of the Sea Sustainable Whale Shark Watching standard seeks to minimise unintentional disturbance through key principles of conduct.

Friend of the Sea criteria for Sustainable Whale Shark Watching require:

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