The Sustainable Seafood Movement is an initiative born as a result of overexploited and destroyed marine ecosystems throughout the world.  Awareness campaigns are vital and should focus on educating people and encouraging them to purchase sustainable seafood products that consider the conservation of marine species.

Seafood buyers are increasingly searching for ways to choose only products that are sourced from well-managed capture fisheries or aquaculture production facilities and to understand and reduce the environmental risks related to their seafood purchasing choices.

Our sustainable seafood news page will answer all your seafood questions!  

We regularly update this page to cover all aspects of seafood news, including up to date information about the seafood trade and all the latest insights from the seafood industry. You can also what’s going on in the seafood market and access current information about the retail sector with seafood supermarket news.

By clicking on the links below you can also access Friend of the Sea Webinars and online courses that cover a wide range of topics such as ‘Hydroponics: leading the way towards a mover sustainable agriculture’ to ‘Social accountability in Fisheries’.

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Webinar on “Anchovies fisheries and sustainability. Case Study L’isola D’Oro” – 28th of July 2021 at 4:30 pm in Milan, CET


Dear Madam/Sir,  Friend of the Sea would like to invite you to the upcoming free of charge webinar on “Anchovies fisheries and sustainability. Case Study L’isola D’Oro” This webinar can be of interest to:  –    fishing companies –    seafood producers and traders  –    retail and wholesale chains and restaurants  –    companies’ sustainability and environmental managers  –    media professionals, journalists  –    environmental conservation groups, […]

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Tuna Awards 2021


ANFACO-CECOPESCA organizes in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food the first edition of the TUNA AWARDS, a two-yearly award for innovations in the international tuna industry.  The registration for the 2021 edition is already open and will last until August 10th! The Tuna Awards has the intention to highlight the sector’s efforts in digitalization and sustainability […]

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Friend of the Sea Congratulates SGS Lanka for Achieving Recognition by the National Sri Lanka Accreditation Board.


SGS Lanka is one of the most trusted third-party service providers for the fisheries industries in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Friend of the Sea, the global certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment, congratulates SGS Lanka on obtaining accreditation by the Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) to conduct Friend of […]

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From Jaws to Shark Week: How Much Do You Know About Sharks? On Shark Awareness Day, Learn Why We Need to Protect Them.


Feared and respected but cruelly hunted and harmed, we see sharks as ruthless predators. In reality, as a result of human action, several species are threatened with extinction. Yet, sharks are key actors of the marine ecosystem, helping maintain the balance. For this reason, every 14th of July, the world celebrates Shark Awareness Day. Friend of the Sea wants […]

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Friend of the Sea Certifies SeaExpert for Sustainable Seaweed Production in the Azores.


The beneficial properties of seaweed go from human nutrition and skincare to fighting climate change. Friend of the Sea, the global certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment, has recognized seaExpert for sustainable seaweed production. Therefore, seaExpert can now display the Friend of the Sea label, certifying the engagement with sustainable […]

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World Sustainability Organization starts collaboration with Ghanaian media personality & philanthropist Natalie Fort to promote sustainability awareness


The World Sustainability Organization, managing the Friend of the Earth and Friend of the Sea programs for promotion and certification of sustainable products and services, today announces its official collaboration with leading Ghanaian Media Personality, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, Natalie Fort, to promote awareness of sustainability. The World Sustainability Organization and Natalie Fort’s Fort Group, envision working together to drive […]

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Friend of the Sea Certifies Mom’s Garden for Sustainable Fish Oil in their Omega-3 Products


Mom’s Garden produces innovative food supplements specially designed for the whole family. Friend of the Sea, the global certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment, is pleased to certify Mom’s Garden for its commitment to employ sustainably sourced fish oil in its Omega-3 supplements. Thus, the company can now display the […]

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