Whale-Safe Certification Program Aims to Quell Vessel Collisions and Deaths


An Italian non-profit called the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) has introduced a new “Whale-Safe” certification program to certify freight and cruise ship companies that take steps to prevent whale collisions and deaths. Modeled off of “Dolphin-Safe” commercial labeling developed in the 1980s, the project is an expansion of WSO’s Friend of the Sea program, which certifies fisheries, aquaculture, and tourism […]

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Friend of the Sea Announces Launch of Virtual Audits..Read the article herehttps://wholefoodsmagazine.com/suppliers/news-suppliers/friend-of-the-sea-announces-launch-of-virtual-audits/    

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World Sustainability Organization Adopts Blockchain-Based Virtual Audits to Curb COVID-19 Spread.. Read the article here

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