Sustainable Shipping and Cruise Lines

Friend of the Sea sustainable shipping and cruise line standard aims to improve the environmentally conscious operation of maritime transport and trade

90% of global trade is facilitated by maritime transportation, accounting for more than 11,000 million tons of goods transported by over 90,000 ships, with an annual 3% growth expected for the next decades. Although maritime industry regulations and standards are in place, the industry continues to negatively impact the marine environment.

The entire Marine industry is responsible for 33% of total trade-related emissions worldwide, and accounting for 3.3% of global carbon (C02) emissions. Apart from carbon emissions the industry also contributed to concerning levels of water, noise, and oil pollution. The impacts however can be greatly reduced depending on the type of fuel used, engine and overall efficiency.

Sustainable Cruise Lines

Cruising is becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice worldwide, with a growing passenger capacity rate of around 10% a year. Although overall global cruise ships count for less than 1% of the global maritime community, and they are implementing responsible tourism practices and environmental technologies, industry performance could still be greatly improved.

 It is estimated that each day a large cruise ship generates as much as:

It has been reported that each passengers carbon footprint at sea is 3 times higher than on land! 

Why Sustainable Shipping and Cruise Lines?

Maritime industries are beginning to heed calls by marine conservationist to engage in more environmentally conscious sailing. New guidelines and standards are being developed to define steps required to reduce carbon footprint on the goods and people transported at sea. There have been significant advances in research and development in the environmental sustainability of maritime shipping by implementing new greener technologies. However, It remains difficult to identify the cleanest or most environmentally friendly shipping or cruise line operators as each entity are vastly different.

Friend of the Sea has subsequently developed a new certification standard, with the aim of improving the traceability, awareness, and the promotion of sustainable practices in the maritime industry

The Standard for Sustainable Shipping and Cruise lines

Friend of the Sea criteria for sustainable shipping require:

Friend of the Sea provides customers with a list of cruise line operators and shipping lines who really engage in environmental protection. A third-party certification will guarantee a more conscious choice.

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