Sustainable products and their origins are audited onsite by accredited independent certification bodies against Friend of the Sea seafood standards.

Friend of the Sea Technical and Scientific Department supports Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) with training, technical help and interpretation of our seafood standards. In this section, you will find the Friend of the Sea program documents and links to CAB resources.

International Accreditation

Friend of the Sea is the only seafood certification scheme for both fisheries and aquaculture products to have gained accreditation from a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and of the network of EU national accreditation bodies, Accredia.

Become a Friend of the Sea Certifier

If you are a certification body and want to get accredited to conduct Friend of the Sea assessments, please contact:

To ensure the complete independence from the certification process, the Friend of the Sea assessment is carried out by accredited CABs only. To obtain accreditation, a CAB must meet the requirements set out in the Certification Procedure.

This ensures certification remains robust, credible and meets best practice guidelines for standard-setting organisations as set out by ISEAL and the FAO.


The Friend of the Sea training modules support and teach certification bodies how to undertake assessments based on the Friend of the Sea seafood standards.

Certification Bodies Recognized by Friend of the Sea

For Auditors and Certification Bodies

For further information, please contact: