The World Sustainability Organization and The Good Food Institute Sustainable Seafood Initiative have initiated a joint certification program for plant-based seafood.

The certification will be part of the WSO’s Friend of the Sea certification program, under a new “Golden Standard.” The Friend of the Sea Golden Standard will help plant-based seafood companies certify their products according to sustainable certification criteria of the WSO’s Friend of the Earth agriculture standards.

Plant-based meat products will receive a comparable Golden Certification from Friend of the Earth

The Standard

Our standard, which is applicable for these products, is based on SAFA (Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture systems) guidelines set by UN-FAO. Intensive agriculture practices contribute to the loss of agricultural and natural biodiversity, degrading ecosystems and causing a reduction in animal and plant species. Such activities are also resulting in increased greenhouse gas emissions.

The Friend of the Sea Golden Standard for plant-based seafood will assure consumers that products have been made by adopting sustainable practices without harming the environment. To obtain the certification, companies must meet the following requirements:

To obtain the certification, companies must meet the following requirements:

  • A well organised environmental management procedure
  • A system to protect the ecosystem, with implementation of areas dedicated to the conservation of wild flora and fauna
  • The reduction in the use of chemically synthetic substances according to the principles of organic or integrated agriculture
  • Biological control, the rational use of water resources
  • Minimization of mechanical operations on the ground and its compaction
  • The use of energy from renewable resources
  • List ItemControl of gas emissions, greenhouse effect and the implementation of the systems to reduce them
  • Social responsibility


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