World Sustainability Foundation and Omegor join forces to save corals in Thailand.


The World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), in collaboration with Omegor, a leader in the formulation and distribution of Omega-3 dietary supplements, announces significant progress in the “Save the Corals” project in Thailand. This initiative, part of WSF’s ongoing commitment to safeguarding marine ecosystems, is showing promising results in the recovery and conservation of corals in the Gulf of […]

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World Sustainability Foundation Collaborates with Penguin Travel to Offer Unique Birdwatching Trips in Bulgaria


The World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) is excited to announce a collaboration with Penguin Travel, offering two exceptional birdwatching trips to Bulgaria. These trips are designed to provide participants with an unforgettable experience of observing the remarkable bird migration along the Via Pontica route while contributing to a vital cause—reforesting Central Africa. Penguin Travel, renowned for its specialized […]

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Supporting Galapagos Conservation Trust in Protecting the Albatrosses: Results, one year on


Imagine a sunny paradise in the Pacific Ocean called the Galapagos Islands, where cool animals like albatrosses roam freely. But there’s a not-so-cool problem lurking around: plastic pollution.   In the realm of Galapagos conservation, World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) offered Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT) its support on the pressing issue of plastic pollution, particularly concerning the protection of the waved […]

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Omega Active from Revive Active obtains Friend of the Sea sustainability certification


Revive Active, Ireland’s number one vitamin, mineral and dietary supplement brand, this April achieved the Friend of the Sea certification for its Omega 3 product ‘Omega Active’. Founded in 2011, the Revive Active brand provides nutrition and health support for all types of needs, from boosting physical and mental agility, beauty and immune system to addressing more […]

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World Rainforest Day: Moving Towards a Greener Future


On June 22nd, we celebrate World Rainforest Day, a moment to reflect on the importance of these biodiversity treasures, crucial for ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. Amidst the many initiatives dedicated to forest conservation, exciting developments are emerging in the tourism sector.   The Realm of Trees Rainforests are true “green lungs” covering […]

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The World Sustainability Foundation joins Nice Dives & Trip in Kenya to protect sea turtles and reforest mangrove forests.


Nice Dive & Trips, a travel agency committed to environmental responsibility organized a unique journey to Chale Island in Southern Kenya, East Africa. This trip aims to protect and explore the local biodiversity, focusing, on the conservation of sea turtles and the reforestation of mangrove forests.     Slated for September 21st to 29th 2024, the trip […]

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Moby Dick: uno spettacolo teatrale sulla tutela delle balene in collaborazione con la World Sustainability Foundation


Il Teatro Zeta di Termini Imerese in Sicilia presenta “Moby Dick”, un emozionante spettacolo per ragazzi ispirato al celebre romanzo di Herman Melville, con la collaborazione della World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), un’organizzazione impegnata a promuovere la sostenibilità e la conservazione della biodiversità in tutto il mondo.   Lo spettacolo, scritto e diretto da Piero Macaluso, con Simona Indovina e […]

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Tasmanian Oyster Company Renews Friend of the Sea Certification, entirely committed to Sustainable Aquaculture


In the picturesque waters of Tasmania, where pristine landscapes meet blue seas, Tasmanian Oyster Company, proudly stands as a strong ambassador of Sustainability in the realm of aquaculture. Today, the company announces a significant milestone: the successful renewal of its Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification.   This renewal signifies far more than just a validation of compliance to strict […]

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Friend of the Sea Recertifies Nutriterra® as Sustainable Plant-Based Omega-3


West Sacramento, California. Nuseed® Nutritional US Inc., the seed technologies platform of Nufarm Limited (ASX: NUF), welcomes Friend of the Sea® recertifying Nutriterra DHA Canola as a sustainable omega-3 oil. Friend of the Sea is the global certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment; the World Sustainability Organization oversees this and […]

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