Friend of the Sea certified products are now available at all the main European large-scale retailers, as well as in many restaurants and pharmacies (in the case of food supplements).


Sustainable Seafood Movement

The Sustainable Seafood Movement is an initiative born as a result of overexploited and destroyed marine ecosystems throughout the world.  Awareness campaigns are vital and should focus on educating people and encouraging them to purchase sustainable seafood products that consider the conservation of marine species.

Find Sustainable Seafood

You can find sustainable seafood products certified by Friend of the Sea at the main European large-scale retailers e.g. supermarkets that source their seafood products sustainably as well as showing an awareness of sustainability in their choice of product packaging, restaurants, pharmacies. Follow the links below and choose the sustainable seafood products or services you wish to buy.



Find supermarkets and wholesalers that have chosen Friend of the Sea certified seafood products for their private labels.



The Sustainable Restaurant Program selects and rewards those restaurants, food chains and catering activities that serve Friend of the Sea certified products.

Certified Products


Find Friend of the Sea certified seafood products and services.