We have a policy of continually improving our seafood standards. Thus, in order to keep up with the scientific and technological advances, FOS seafood standards are reviewed periodically. Likewise, new standards can be developed. With this policy, our certification remain updated and consistent.

Our seafood standards follow the UN/FAO guidelines for the eco-labelling of fish and fishery products from marine capture fisheries and technical guidelines on aquaculture certification. Moreover, our Chain of Custody Standard is designed to ensure that certified seafood can be traced back to a sustainable, well-managed source.

With the collaboration of our Technical Committee and Stakeholders, our seafood standards are developed and revised in four stages, according to the Standard Development and Maintenance Procedure.

Work Plan of a Revision Process

1st phase

Comments and Suggestions

2nd phase

Revision of the comments

3rd phase

Voting process

4th phase

Management of votes
and final decision

Public consultation period

At the beginning of a seafood standard revision process, the Technical and Scientific Department notifies the Technical Committee members, inviting them to send their comments using a specific file elaborated for the respective revision process.

A wide range of stakeholders is invited to participate in the public consultations on our seafood standards. If you are interested in being a part of the stakeholders notified at the beginning of our revision processes, please send an email to info@friendofthesea.org.

If you are interested in our internal records of revision processes (lists of stakeholders contacted, interested parties involved at each stage of the process and drafts of the standard), please send an email to info@friendofthesea.org.

Outside the public consultation period

We encourage all categories of stakeholders and our Technical Committee members to share their inputs through the Stakeholder Input Form at any time, on how standards are working and how to improve them. In this case, the input will be considered during the subsequent revision process. The full guidance is available in the Stakeholder Input Procedure.

Our Work Program for Standard Setting and Revision and a list of Public Comments from our previous revision processes are available online. A list of Previous and pending stakeholder inputs is available online.

Stakeholders can register procedural complaints online regarding a revision process by filling in the Complaints Form. The full guidance is available in the Complaints Procedure. Unsolved complaints shall be assessed during the subsequent revision process. A list of Previous and Pending Complaints is available online.

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