Sustainable Ports

Sustainable Ports

Friend of the Sea sustainable shipping and cruise line standard enhances its full implementation when Certified Ships are calling in at Certified Sustainable Ports.

Friend of the Sea sustainable ports standard aims to improve the environmentally conscious operation of maritime ports worldwide, extending the sustainable shipping philosophy and approaches, by dedicated maritime ports industry regulations and standards focused on conservation and biodiversity.

Ports are becoming more conscious in implementing Environmental Leadership, Social responsibility, Community Relations and on impact they generate, daily. Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollutants, Waste Management, Aquatic Invasive Species, Underwater Noise , Spill Prevention, Stormwater Management, Dry Bulk Handling and Storage generated by commercial shipping and pleasure activities, are becoming pivotal points of reflection, including Research & Development (R&D)

Why Sustainable Ports?

Maritime port industry has begun to heed calls by marine conservationist to engage in more environmentally conscious practices and awareness. Guidelines and standards are being developed to define steps required to reduce carbon footprint on the goods and people transported at sea. There have been significant advances in research and development in the environmental sustainability of maritime shipping by implementing new greener technologies, future fuels, and emissions control.

However, it remains difficult to identify the cleanest or most environmentally friendly shipping port as each entity is marked by different regulations, strategies, and technology innovations and governed by different laws for marine conservation and biodiversity. Friend of the Sea has subsequently developed a new certification standard, with the aim of improving the vision of “unlocking” Port Managers adapting specific tools in protecting marine environment and its resources through conservation projects and activities, while also involving & promoting with other ports stakeholders for a synergic wider approach, that including other WSO projects.

The Standard for Sustainable Ports

Friend of the Sea criteria for sustainable shipping require:

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