Sustainable Restaurants

The Sustainable Restaurants project selects and rewards those restaurants, take-away and catering chains that serve Friend of the Sea certified sustainable seafood products.

Since 2008, Friend of the Sea has been working everyday to make sustainability a reality, by ensuring that certified fishing and aquaculture companies use sustainable fishing practices and reduce the impact of their actions on the ecosystem.

In recent years, the demand for ecologically sustainable restaurants has grown and today restaurant owners must adopt a responsible supply policy.

The Sustainable Restaurants project has been created by Friend of the Sea to help people find the nearest restaurants serving sustainable seafood.

It satisfies the genuine consumer need and, at the same time, selects and rewards restaurants that serve at least one of Friend of the Sea certified products.

Sustainable Restaurant Program

Choosing a sustainable restaurant that serves Friend of the Sea certified sustainable seafood favours:

Sustainable Restaurants

Healthy fish stocks

Fishing Methods

Fishing methods with low bycatch

Endangered Species

Protection of endangered species

Icon Respect Marine Habitat

Respect for the marine habitat


Compliance with laws and regulations

Icon Waste Management

Waste management and control

Sustainable Restaurants

Social accountability

By joining the Sustainable Restaurant Program your restaurant will:

The member restaurants will be added to:

Sustainable Restaurants

Member restaurants will also receive gadgets and personalised marketing material.

For joining the project, restaurants can choose between two options:

This option is dedicated to the restaurants using at least one Friend of the Sea® certified seafood product.

Member restaurants will be offered an additional opportunity: they receive the Friend of the Sea certificate for the entire facility, after passing an audit to verify compliance with the following Friend of the Sea® Sustainable Restaurant Chain Criteria.

The Standard for Sustainable Seafood Restaurant

Friend of the Sea criteria for Sustainable Restaurant Certification require:

Sustainable Restaurants

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