Why Friend of the Sea?

You make the best choice for the health of our planet and the quality of workers’ lives by choosing Friend of the Sea certified products and services

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood can include seafood products that are either caught or farmed using methods that respect the long term viability or sustainability of the species, the integrity and health of the oceans and the livelihood of the farming or fisheries dependant communities. 

Wild-caught sustainable seafood is sourced from populations that are well managed, not overfished and have been captured using fishing gear that has minimal impact on the habitat and ecosystem as a whole. Aquaculture or the farming of fish and other aquatic products can provide an alternative source that reduces the pressure on our natural ocean resources. Global aquaculture production is growing rapidly and provides increasingly significant quantities of fish and other aquatic food for human consumption. However concerns are also emerging regarding the possible negative impact on the environment, communities and consumers. The application of certification of aquaculture sourced products is considered critical in minimising the potential negative impacts and increasing consumer and societal benefits in the process of aquaculture production and marketing.

How can sustainability be achieved through Friend of the Sea certification?

Certification schemes are programmes that aim to increase customer awareness of the environmental impact and sustainability of their seafood purchasing choices. It is a means of communicating to customers that the product is sourced from well-managed capture fisheries or aquaculture production facilities that focus on issues related to the sustainable use of aquatic resources. Certification is the procedure by which a third party gives assurance that a product process or service conforms to specified requirements and should be based on a range of inspection activities and carried out by a competent and recognised certification body.

Friend of the Sea has developed a set of standards for certification for fisheries and aquaculture products in order to minimise the negative effects of aquaculture operations, providing a tool for fisheries and the fish farming industry to respect the marine environment, thus preserving natural resources for the future. Friend of the Sea certified products and services that carry the Friend off the Sea logo are subject to strict independent audits that verify both environmental and social standards.

What role do Friend of the Sea have in the global sustainability movement?

Sustainable Restaurants

Sustainable Restaurant and Retailers

The Sustainable Restaurant Program selects and rewards those restaurants, food chains and catering activities that serve Friend of the Sea certified products.

Sustainable Omega3

Sustainable Omega3 Fish Oil and UV Creams

Friend of the Sea is the leading international standard for producers of Fish Oil, Fishmeal Omega3 supplements and UV Creams.

Sustainable Dolphin

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Friend of the Sea certification for Dolphin and Whale Watching aims to minimise the impact of this activity on individuals and populations of marine mammals, promoting responsible interactions between people and animals.

Sustainable Shipping

Sustainable Shipping and Cruise Lines

Friend of the Sea Sustainable Shipping Standard aims to improve the sustainable use of marine resources by the shipping industry.

Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable Fisheries and Fleets

Friend of the Sea certification programme contributes to the health of the oceans by certifying and promoting sustainable fishing practices.

Sustainable Aquaculture

Sustainable Aquaculture

Friend of the Sea certification programme for sustainable fish farming provides a tool for aquaculture industry to increase respect for the marine environment.

Sustainable Aquaria


The Friend of the Sea Aquaria standard helps promote sustainable attitudes and behaviours and inform people about the real state of our aquatic environment.

Ornamental Fish Trade

Ornamental Fish Trade

The Friend of the Sea Ornamental Fish standard helps protect wild species and safeguard the natural environment by promoting responsible harvest and farming of aquarium species.

Sustainable Beach

Sustainable Beach

Friend of the Sea has established requirements to safeguard beaches.

Continue to contribute to the protection of the marine environment. Choose only Friend of the Sea certified sustainable seafood products at your grocery store.

Dolphin and whale watching