Krill oil by Webber Naturals is FoS certified from sustainable fisheries

Royal RedWebber Naturals krill oils from Antarctic krill (Euphasia superba) is now carrying Friend of the Sea seal of approval. The Canadian company has been found compliant with Friend of the Sea sustainability requirements following an assessment audit run by an independent certification body. Webber Naturals Royal Red Krill Oil is available in two potencies – 500mg and 1000mg and can be found in stores across Canada and the U.S.

The Antarctic krill is extracted from the Antarctic Pacific Ocean (FAO area nr. 88) by fleets which do not include IUU fishing vessels (Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated). The resource is not over-exploited according to the maximum annual sustainable harvest.

A certified Chain of Custody guarantees the sustainable origin of the products. Webber Naturals purchases oils only from Friend of the Sea approved suppliers.

“We are very proud to be Friend of the Sea certified. It is a very important achievement and it proves the sustainable origin of our product”, explains a Senior Executive of the company.


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Friend of the Sea
Friend of the Sea is an international certification program for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Over 400 companies in more than 50 countries have relied on Friend of the Sea to assess the sustainability of their seafood products. Audits are undertaken by internationally recognized independent certification bodies utilizing the most current scientific data.