World Sustainability Foundation expands natural habitat of lemurs in Madagascar’s Maromizaha Forest

World Sustainability Foundation expands

World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), the non-profit arm of the World Sustainability Organization (globally leading sustainability organization), has raised over 2,500 euros in its first ever crowdfunding initiative aimed at saving endangered Lemurs in Madagascar. 


The Lemur Project is managed by U Onlus, and is a collaboration between the World Sustainability Foundation, Friend of the Earth and the University of Turin. WSF is supporting the project by creating awareness and raising funds.

WSO Surpasses Fundraising Goal

The initiative was developed with the primary aim of raising funds through crowdfunding platform – of the Ginger Association, to facilitate the planting of about ten thousand trees on five hectares of forest land; expanding the home of Ravina and other Lemurs of Maromizaha. 


World Lemur Day is marked on the last Friday of October each year, this year’s observation falls on October 27th 2023. The World Sustainability Foundation commemorates the day by announcing the successful fundraising for the Lemur Project, exceeding the targeted budget by 120%. 


With 98% of lemur species threatened by extinction and 31% critically endangered, the World Sustainability Foundation’s record achievement made possible through benevolent donations, shall enable 10,000 trees to be planted in Madagascar’s Maromizaha Forest. The project is set to make a significant contribution to preserving the lives of the world’s most endangered group of mammals, by restoring the singing lemurs’ habitat.

Additionally, the local community will be engaged through the World Sustainability Foundation’s initiative. Specifically, ten women will be involved in seed collection activities within the forest, and remunerated. Technicians, villagers and students neighboring Maromizaha will also participate in activities to support the reforestation process.

WSO Three-Phase Reforestation Initiative

The initiative will be implemented in three phases: firstly, collection of seeds to be planted and the establishment of five nurseries. Secondly, nursery technicians will be engaged for planting, and finally, the growth of the trees planted will be monitored. The project is expected to be carried out within eight to ten months, and a maximum duration of one year. Prizes such as illustrations, calendars, adoption of a baby lemur and the World Sustainability Foundation’s ‘Sustainable Friends’ Fidelity Card are won by donors. The most generous benefactors have been rewarded by choosing a name for the cubs won, and shall receive photos as they grow.

The successful maiden fundraising initiative of the World Sustainability Foundation, is evidence of the caring and committed community which constitutes WSF. As a result of this, not only will 10,000 trees be planted in the Maromizaha Forest, home of the singing Ravina (Indri Indri), dozens of people from the local community will also be empowered. 


The World Sustainability Foundation was instituted in 2022, and is committed to ensuring environmental protection by promoting a culture of sustainable development. Friend of the Earth® is a project of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO), founded to conserve the planet’s resources, restore critical habitats, and protect endangered species by means of certification, outreach, and sustainability centered projects globally.


On World Lemur Day, we are reminded of the need to work together to save the ‘Jewels of Madagascar’ from extinction. In anticipation of a hopeful future for Lemurs through the initiative of WSF to preserve the Maromizaha Forest, the World Sustainability Foundation wishes you a Happy World Lemur Day!


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