World Sustainability Organization online sustainability courses are back

World Sustainability Organization online sustainability courses are back

As of November, WSO offers Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth certified technical courses to provide in depth updates on sustainability issues in the food and non-food sectors.

A new season of online training courses provided by the World Sustainability Organization will start on the 10th of November.  The lectures cover subjects related to environmental sustainability, circular economy, and animal welfare, with updates on best practices and the latest technologies in environmentally friendly fisheries and agriculture. 

The courses provide participants with official Friend of the Sea® and Friend of the Earth® attendance certificates.

Lecturers, scientific disseminators, and specialists with years of experience in the relevant topic will hold each class. The courses will also discuss case studies: stories from companies that have taken up the challenge of environmentally friendly production, thus meeting customers’ demand, and are now true excellences in sustainability.

The macro-themes of the online lectures scheduled from November to January are: circular economy applied to the fishing sect or blue food as a proposal for future food. But also how to move toward a greener and more sustainable textile industry and the effects of climate change on the fisheries production chain. Market strategies for sustainable agriculture and aquaculture and species welfare. The full schedule will be available soon on the World Sustainability Organization’s website.


The first course, Thursday, Nov. 10, at 3 PM CET, is titled “Circular Economy Based Fishery For A Sustainable And Resilient Future Of The Industry”Dr. Saverio Danubio will deliver it. A graduate of Industrial and Biomolecular Biotechnology at Federico II University of Naples, Italy, Danubio has more than a decade of international experience in designing, developing, and disseminating sustainable products of commercial interest such as fertilizers, livestock feed, biomaterials, and biofuels. In addition, he uses macro and microorganisms to bioprocess daily organic solid waste from farms, businesses, and cities for his work. In the lecture, Danubio will focus on the entrepreneurial vision of a circular economy and zero-waste policies applied to food production.


The case study of the day will be the Mare Aperto Foods company. Its tuna has received Friend of the Sea® sustainability certification (a project of the WSO, a leading standard in certification of sustainable fishing and aquaculture products and services) and this year was also elected Product of the Year 2022 for the “tuna” category (research on 12,000 consumers carried out by IRI on a selection of products sold in Italy).
The circular economy is the flagship of the company’s sustainability policy. Mare Aperto is reusing  100 percent of the tuna raw material tuna, generating no waste. Fish bones and skin, for example, produce cosmetics collagen.

You can get more information and register for the first event by visiting the World Sustainability Organization website at this link

The WSO provides free courses to all Friend of the Sea® and Friend of the Earth® certified companies. Write to to receive the participation link.  


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