Waste Reduction and the Circular Economy in the Seafood Industry with As do Mar Tuna Case Study.

Mar Tuna Case Study

Dear Madam/Sir,    

this is an invite to webinar on “Waste Reduction and the Circular Economy in the Seafood Industry with As do Mar Tuna Case Study”

You can find the files to download the power point presentations at the following link:




This webinar can be of interest to

– Media Professionals, Journalists

– NGOs, Retail, Restaurants Businesses

– Government Officials

– Seafood Processing Companies, Aquaculture Farming Businesses

– Sustainability and Environmental Managers of Seafood and Aquaculture Organizations

– Bloggers, Influencers

– College Students, Scientists, Teachers, Professors

– Companies who are using Seafood/Aquaculture Waste as their Primary Raw Product for further Utilization

– Fish Meal Companies

– All Interested Individuals and Organizations

During this half an hour session, Dr GB Valsecchi (General Manager at Generale Conserve SPA – As do Mar)Dr Paolo Bray (Founder and Director of Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth) and Guest Speaker Dr Rodrigo Roubach, PhD (Senior Aquaculture Officer, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department of UN-FAO: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) will cover the following subjects: 

– Role of Seafood & Aquaculture in Circular Economy 

– Waste in the Seafood  and Aquaculture industry  

– Seafood and Aquaculture Waste Minimization

– Added Value from Seafood Industry By-products 

– Circular Economy Examples in the Seafood and Aquaculture Industry 

– Outlook and Future Trends 

– As do Mar Case Study 

– Questions and Answers     

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This webinar will take place on 20th of May 2020 at 03:00 pm, CET +1 (06:00 am San Francisco; 09:00 am in New York; 02:00 pm in London; 03:00 pm in Johannesburg; 08:00 pm in Bangkok; 09:00 pm in Hong Kong; 23:00 pm in Sidney). 


Participation is free of charge.   

Friend of the Sea certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants.

If you cannot attend the live session, sign up anyway and we will send you a recording.

You will also have the opportunity to pose questions to the speakers during the webinar.

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