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Zoe Klose-Switzerland

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-The company is undergoing Friend of the Earth’s audit. No garment has yet been certified.

Zoë Klose Fashion makes a responsible contribution to sustainability. Because with every item sold in our shop, we donate a contribution to Healthy Seas. So that they can continue to clean up the seas and save the lives of so many sea creatures and we in turn can create sustainable and innovative fashion.

These nylon waste like ghost gear are passed on to Aquafil by Healthy Seas. With other nylon waste, Aquafil transformed all nylon waste into a new yarn ECONYL® regenerated nylon, having the same characteristics as nylon made of virgin raw material.

The  ECONYL® -regenerated  Nylon is not only a solution to marine litter, it is also better in terms of climate change.
It reduces nylon’s global warming impact by up to 90% compared to oil-based material. Because the only way we can truly achieve circularity is collaboratively and collectively.

The textile yarn has following CERTIFICATIONS. Also our OEKO-TEX® Stretch logo which is on every item has the OEKO-TEX® certificate.

Zoë Klose Fashion has serious intentions to apply new methods and attaches great importance to sustainability through environmentally friendly solutions and is open to new ideas for now and in the future. That is why she has been using the ECONYL®-regenerated nylon for her sport collection.

Be a part of this change too, with each of our sporting clothes there is less ghost gear floating in the seas.



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