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Rachit Khanna-India

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-The company is undergoing Friend of the Earth’s audit. No garment has yet been certified.

The designer who had followed his passion for fashion , sets the benchmark in the designs through his versatility & craftsmanship. The technique & embellishment on each piece is beyond & takes great level of effort to put every clients dream into reality & visualizing the amount of comfort & glam quotient for each & surprisingly, “Rachit Khanna” started his career all together in a different field of Pharma but, very early recognized his inclination towards fashion which was driven by his parents who intend to be similar field.

Its over a decade now, that “Rachit Khanna” is leading 3 designer studios & won over many awards & also is a leading designer among celebrities as well, from Pollywood to Bollywood, he had marked his presence very strong.

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