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-The company is undergoing Friend of the Earth’s audit. No garment has yet been certified.

The Rico Bracco brand was constituted in 2015 by designer Fabrício Bracco, building the pillars of sustainability, formatting its creation through the memory of emotions lived in childhood, bringing a bucolic, simplistic and functional look, materialized in linen canvas, flowing into a romantic narrative about the interior life of the Blessmann West Line during the period of Italian colonization.

It intends with its green ideals, to promote well-being through the consumption of a decelerated, purist and timeless lifestyle, rescuing artisanal techniques taken as intangible heritage of the regional cultural of Italian immigrants from the Veneto region, praising local agriculture, in order to elucidate the importance of the value of ancestry in the present present

We bring a look of admiration to nature in its purest and most integral form, appreciating the essence of the singular truth of each individual, worshipping the multiple bodies freed from binary. We observe the functional needs to build pieces of contemporary tailoring, loaded with excellence in production and finishing techniques, which in addition to covering the body, communicate a fragment of history, fulfilling with the role of piece-piece.

We promote timeless and genderless clothing, made of pure and noble natural raw material, with linen as the protagonist. Its origin sometimes imported, sometimes national, is always analyzed to ensure decent values applied to working conditions. We defend and value the local labor, in all its facets, from supply to craftsmanship, feeding a horizontal progressive structure to encourage self-employed workers, such as farmers, carpenters, seamstresses, embroiderers and artisans. We seek with this incentive, to rescue historical artisanal techniques taken as intangible heritage, preserving the portrait of the social and cultural aesthetic sphere, local agriculture and the circular economy. We assist, through philanthropic projects, with annual actions that consist of raising funds for needy entities through the profit obtained from the sale of a product, designed specifically for this purpose, following the perspective of building the brand.

We propagate philosophical movements with an emphasis on the free body and reintegration into the decelerated lifestyle, fostering the seven arts and their forms of expression, disseminating love for naturalistic and simple gastronomy. Serving as a stage for unassisted minorities, in order to ensure new looks and captivate positive reflections.

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