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Dona Rufina-Brazil

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The Brand

Dona Rufina is a slow fashion brand that produces bags and accessories, because it believes that the way of producing and consuming says a lot about us and how we want to build the future.

The brand was born from the desire to value the culture of Pampa Gaúcho, prioritizing the place, but with a global vision.

They say that “when an artist finds his work tool, things happen”.

When researching the wool for her master’s project, designer Luciana Bulcão not only fell in love with this fiber, but also gave destination to a part of the wool produced in the region that was being thrown away. Following the manual felting technique inherited by generations, production is done on demand in the cities of Bagé and Lavras/Rio Grande do Sul, on the border with Uruguay. The assembly of the products with the leather parts, another fundamental raw material of the pampa, is done in Estância Velha.From the marriage of these materials with the singular look at the gaucho culture, Dona Rufina creates unique and timeless pieces, made to delight you and win the world.


We use raw materials with low environmental impact. All stages of production respect the time of things and natural characteristics.

In this way, we create more meaningful connections and generate greater value with everyone involved with the brand

The wool comes from the herds of the local farms. If the sheared sheep are white, the color of that print run will be off white, because one of the dogmas of the brand is not to dye its balls, preserving the tones of the original fiber. If the weather is humid, the felting takes a long time to dry. It is in this manual process that our weavers shape the felt that will then be modeled according to the design of the collection. From Vale dos Sinos, leather is mined from the leftovers of the footwear industry and gains a new destination.

Thus, no item is the same as the other, the colors and textures vary according to the availability of the raw materials: this is our differential.


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