Clean Seas farmed Kingfish and Mulloway get FoS recognition as the certification scheme expands to Australia.

The producer of the certified Kingfish and Mulloway is Clean Seas (, an innovative state-of-the-art South Australian aquaculture enterprise situated in Port Lincoln, Fitzgerald Bay, Port Augusta and Arno Bay. Its core business is the propagation of commercially bred Southern Bluefin Tuna, Mulloway and Kingfish for the domestic market and international consumption.
Clean Seas adheres to the most comprehensive and advanced environmental standards available in the world and it has been the  first aquaculture company in the Southern Hemisphere to be environmentally certified ISO 14001. The company will offset completely its CO2 production by the end of 2008.
Applicants to Friend of the Sea’s aquaculture certification program are audited on specific criteria including habitat protection, feed and by-catch reduction requirements.
In a time of fishery quota reductions, shrinking fishing grounds and environmental concerns, the Clean Seas farmed Hiramasa Kingfish and Mulloway offer a sustainable alternative, 52 weeks a year.  Also known as butterfish, Mulloway came close to disappearing some 20 years ago following its over-use for fish and chip consumption. It is now in-demand from top chefs and fine dining restaurants across the world.
“I am glad to see our efforts recognized and now recognizable around the world, as our products will display the Friend of the Sea logo also in Europe, Asia and North America” explains Mr Hagen Stehr, AO Clean Seas. “Consumers need to know that some aquaculture products are a sustainable alternative to depleted species and Friend of the Sea seal of approval communicates this effectively.”
Clean Seas parent company and main shareholder is the Stehr Group, one of the leading aquaculture companies in Australia, producing yearly 650 tonnes of farmed Southern Bluefin Tuna, 600 tonnes of aquaculture-bred Kingfish and 200 tonnes of aquaculture-bred Mulloway. Clean Seas Products are exported across the world to countries including United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Japan.

For more information:
Hagen Stehr – Chairman, Clean Seas Tuna Limited (08) 8621-2900
Paolo Bray – Director – Friend of the Sea – +39.348.5650306
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