Friend of the Sea certified Atlantic Sapphire’s Bluehouse Salmon. 

Friend of the Sea certified Atlantic Sapphire’s Bluehouse Salmon

The future of aquaculture for the health of people and planet

Is the future of aquaculture on land? According to the largest global onshore aquaculture company in the world – Atlantic Sapphire, the answer is yes.


With a dedication to sustainable, ocean-safe seafood, the  US-based company seeks to bring that vision to life though innovative aquaculture technology in the world’s first “Bluehouse”.

Atlantic Sapphire has designed the fish farm of the future, through the invention of the Florida-based Bluehouse that allows the company to raise fish 100% on land. Designed like a ‘Greenhouse for fish’, Atlantic Sapphire’s Homestead Florida Bluehouse allows salmon to be raised completely on land in a closed- containment water system away from the ocean; Using an ancient aquifer, the salmon is raised in salt water free from modern man made contaminants such as mercury and microplastics, without antibiotics or pesticides.


At the company’s Homestead Florida Bluehouse, the advanced recirculating aquaculture systems mean water is recycled every half-hour, with precise amounts of oxygen added and carbon dioxide extracted. Artificial intelligence is also utilised to optimize feeding, fish welfare and maximize production.


It is for this reason Atlantic Sapphire’s Bluehouse Salmon has obtained the globally recognised Friend of the Sea® certification.


Founded in 2008 by Sustainability Expert, Paolo Bray, the World Sustainability Organization’s international Friend of the Sea® certification is today a leading global standard for products (food and non-food) and services that respect and protect the ocean and its resources.


Friend of the Sea®’s Sustainable Aquaculture certification is awarded to sustainability centered companies such as Atlantic Sapphire. The certification, which is the only sustainable fisheries certification process recognised and supervised globally by a National Accreditation Body, is received upon passing an independent audit, demonstrating a commitment to minimizing the negative effects of aquaculture, and avoiding the use of harmful antifouling products or growth hormones.


Founded in 2010 by Johan Andreassen and Bjorn-Vegard Lovik, Atlantic Sapphire’s first Bluehouse was built in the small village of Hvide Sande, Denmark. Today, the company produces ocean-safe, sustainable seafood at its Bluehouse in Homestead, Florida. Atlantic Sapphire’s brand – Bluehouse Salmon delivers sustainable, ocean-safe salmon across North America.


At Atlantic Sapphire, we are committed to continuous improvement in our operations and the pursuit of our sustainability goals. We aim for transparency and ongoing engagement with all stakeholders, as well as the local and global communities we serve,” Max Francia, Atlantic Sapphire’s Director of Marketing says.


The Friend of the Sea® certified Bluehouse-raised salmon is fully traceable.  Atlantic Sapphire significantly reduces pressures on the coastal environment and wild fish populations while producing ocean-safe seafood. The Bluehouse technology allows the company to raise healthy and delicious salmon locally without the potential for escapes, fish waste dispersed in coastal waters, sea lice, or antibiotics use.


Moreover, the company distributes salmon without the need for air freight, as a result it can reach eaters with a lower carbon footprint. “Friend of the Sea® is a partner with values aligned with our mission, and an organization that brings a trustworthy, globally recognised certification to companies on the sustainable journey. Their thorough process ensures consumers everywhere feel confident with their purchasing decisions“, Francia adds.


Atlantic Sapphire’s mission is to innovate fish farming locally to impact protein production globally; driven by its deep commitment to preserve the environment while feeding the world.