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K.W Manufacturing-Tunisie

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The company is undergoing Friend of the Earth’s audit. No garment has yet been certified.

K.W Manufacturing is a sewing factory created in 2011 by Dany LALLEMAND, Clemens DÖRR and Attila KAMAN.

Located in Tunisia, we are 300 people and we have 3 production lines, 1 automatic and 1 manual cutting room, 1 fabric printing room on a working space of more than 3000 m². We produce more than 1 million items per year and export them to Germany, France and Italy.

Our customers and partners are big fashion brands. We also partnered with two brands of technical textiles operating in the children’s toys and automotive sectors.

We offer cutting, sewing, dyeing, special treatments, sourcing of materials and accessories, embroidery, screen printing, and much more.

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