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Carolina Bortolini Atelier-Brazil

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The company is undergoing Friend of the Earth’s audit. No garment has yet been certified

The studio.

Created by fashion and technology designer Carolina Bortolini, the studio seeks through fashion, to value the particular beauty and boost the personality of each woman, always presenting versatility to her creations.

After 6 years working in major magazines, in 2016 I started the CB atelier, initially focused on party fashion and brides, today it presents two more lines: Botany and Blanca. The Party line develops clothes for women and their special moments.

Botany is a slow fashion line, with low environmental impact, that works with botanical stampings and natural dyes from biodegradable materials.

Blanca is a line of premium uniforms, tailoring, for health professionals.

These 3 lines have something in common: to provide a timeless experience, with quality and concept when dressing and encourage a fair, responsible fashion that encourages the handcrafted work.

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