WSO DAY – remote attendance LINK 


WSO DAY – remote attendance LINK – It’s finally here!  Don’t forget to put your reminder on for Saturday 23rd September,  10am (gmt +1) for our first ever WSO DAY.  Speakers from all over the world will cover different aspects of certification and sustainability over various fields.  If you will need instant translation to our […]

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Discover the Wonderful World of Mantas


The Manta, known to have the largest brain-to-body ratio of any fish, is among the largest animals in the ocean…discover more about the wonderful world of Mantas to commemorate World Manta Day.   As the world marks Manta Day on September 17 annually; with the aim of raising awareness about the conservation of manta and […]

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World Sustainability Organization to hold first ever WSO Day


Global Sustainability Leader, the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) is set to hold the first edition of WSO Day on September 23rd 2023, in the prestigious Via Santa Marta 18, Milan, Italy.   The day is set aside to provide stakeholders with important information and updates on the Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth projects; it will serve as the […]

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Sustainable Fashion, “Beyond the Claim”


  The World Sustainability Organization returns to the spotlight during Milan’s Fashion Week with its fourth edition of  “Ethical & Sustainable Showroom” and a new project on sustainable Fashion: “Beyond the Claim”. The World Sustainability Organization is an international company conceived and founded by Paolo Bray in 2008 with the aim of promoting environmental protection through certifications of sustainable […]

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Leading omega-3 producer – U.G.A Nutraceuticals renews Friend of the Sea® Certification


World leading specialized Omega-3 food supplement producer, U.G.A Nutraceuticals has renewed its Friend of the Sea® certification of the World Sustainability Organization.   Headquartered in Monza, Italy U.G.A Nutraceuticals has specialized in the research, formulation and development of Omega-3 food supplements of superior quality, using the most advanced methods since the year 2005.   It stands as one of […]

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Everything you need to know about Sharks on International Shark Day


To celebrate International Shark Day on July 14, the World Sustainability Foundation and Friend of the Sea® will take you into the world of the Shark You can visit the Save the Sharks Campaign page to look at the initiatives taken by the WSF and Friend of the Sea® over the years And happy International Shark Day to all!   Sharks facts […]

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Solana Pag obtains Friend of the Sea Certification


Croatia’s largest sea-salt producer, Solana Pag has obtained the globally recognised Friend of the Sea Certification, for its varied salt product range.   The production of salt by Solana Pag is based on a thousand-year tradition on the island of Pag in Croatia. In the year 1980, a production facility was constructed; increasing capacity and reducing the impact […]

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