The World Sustainability Foundation joins Nice Dives & Trip in Kenya to protect sea turtles and reforest mangrove forests.

Nice Dive & Trips, a travel agency committed to environmental responsibility organized a unique journey to Chale Island in Southern Kenya, East Africa. This trip aims to protect and explore the local biodiversity, focusing, on the conservation of sea turtles and the reforestation of mangrove forests.  


Slated for September 21st to 29th 2024, the trip offers travellers the unique opportunity to explore local wildlife, discover the breathtaking biodiversity of Kenya, and contribute to conservation efforts. The intent of this trip is to support endangered turtles in Kenya, threatened by human activities. 


Kenya is famed for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves; from inland lakes, snow-capped mountains, the great rift valley and sun kissed white beaches. It is home to a variety of turtles, mostly the Green Turtle and Hawksbill Turtle, which are at risk of extinction due to human activities.


The trip to Kenya is a collaboration between the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), NiCe Dive and Trips, and Diani Turtle WatchWSF is committed to developing campaigns highlighting endangered species, enhancing land and protecting marine and terrestrial habitats globally. Founded in 2012, the Diani Turtle Watch works with turtle conservationists in Kenya. The project covers an area of over 50km; relocating the nests once they are laid, to protect them from natural predators.  


The trip gives travellers the opportunity to explore, support local communities, and learn all about protecting biodiversity.


Led by expert Naturalist, who doubles as Conservation and Awareness Project Manager of the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), Mario Passoni, each guest will delve into Kenya’s rich flora and fauna, while supporting the conservation of turtles and reforestation efforts. Guests will also receive insights into biology, preservation, and the importance of mangrove forests.


With over 8 years of global experience as a nature guide, Mario Passoni has led trips to the Maldives, Madagascar, Mozambique, Seychelles, and the Chale Island. He has previously conducted coral restoration projects and photo identification of manta rays, whale sharks, and sea turtles. Throughout his career, he prioritises guiding travellers and ensuring an exceptional experience of relaxation, exploration and conservation. 


Travellers are treated to an exceptional welcome and escorted to The Sands Hotel, exquisitely set amid 25 acres of indigenous forest and fronted by 225 meters of Kenya’s most unspoiled stretch of white and aquamarine sea, on Chale Island. 


The eight-night trip will commence with an exploration of the pristine Chale Island with Naturalist, Mario Passoni; there will then be the observation of flora and fauna, and discovery of underwater biodiversity. Participants will also engage in a kayak tour through the tranquil mangroves, and be enlightened on the importance of mangrove forests. 


Optional activities include a safari trip to Tsavo East National Park (one of the oldest parks in Kenya), scuba diving; beach volley, snorkelling, a cultural experience in the rural Gazi village in southern Kenya, and a scenic kayak tour of Chale Island. Participants can also visit the Marine Education Center situated within the sands of the Nomad Beach Hotel. Please note that these activities are not included in the base trip package.


Are you a devoted diver? The Southern Coast of Kenya offers world-class diving destinations, with possibilities of spotting turtles and dolphins. Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles are seen regularly, as they use the Diani Beach as a nesting ground. There is also a wide variety of macro animals and critters like Frogfish and Nudibranchs. Participants stand a chance to dive into the beautiful Funguo shipwreck, a purpose-sunk ship which has now become an artificial reef, home to a plethora of fish. 


Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Kenya is the perfect destination for lovers of the wild, due to the abundance of wildlife sanctuaries. Participants will visit the Wasini Marine Park off the coast of Kenya, the venue is a haven for marine enthusiasts. Here, travellers are set to marvel at vibrant coral reefs, encounter playful dolphins, and explore mangrove forests teeming with life. 


Whether snorkelling, diving, or simply enjoying the beauty of the ocean, the Wasini Marine Park promises unforgettable experiences for visitors. During this holiday there will be the prospect of spotting and interacting with numerous animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, lions, leopards, and elephants amongst others. 


From captivating tours during the day, to enchanting evenings soaking up the charm of the Chale Island, the visit to Kenya promises to be an educational and unforgettable experience for travellers.


This exclusive trip will be topped off with a visit to a mangrove forest facilitated by Diani Turtle Watch, during which participants will get the golden opportunity to plant a mangrove tree and support reforestation efforts!


The maximum number of participants for the expedition is 6 people. The travel fee is all-inclusive, factoring in lodging at The Sands at Chale Island for eight nights, lunch, a full-day excursion, transportation, assistance of Italian / English speaking staff on-site, excursion activities, a private guide – naturalist Mario Passoni, biology insights, donation to the World Sustainability Foundation and Diani Turtle Watch Project.


Prepare for an adventure where you can explore, enjoy and contribute to the preservation of Kenya’s remarkable biodiversity. By participating, you’ll directly support the efforts of the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) and Diani Turtle Watch to protect the Green Sea and Hawksbill Turtles. Also, bear in mind that a portion of the trip cost will be donated to these organizations to aid in biodiversity conservation.



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