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Plastic Offset
Plastic Offset
Plastic Offset
Plastic Offset
Plastic Offset
Plastic OffsetPlastic Offset

The Problem

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

Rapid production and use of plastic products surpasses our ability to deal with this waste on a global scale.

Combining insufficient waste management, countries with low recycling rates and the fact a great deal of plastic waste comes from convenience and single use items. We find these plastics discarded, and inevitably ending up in our oceans. As the Ocean, after all, is downhill from everywhere.

Marine animals and seabirds alike often mistake the smaller pieces for food, while bigger items can entangle larger species, causing injury, often leading to death.

WSO’s Plastic Offset Initiative

Your Company can now offset its plastic footprint by supporting projects directly removing plastics from the environment at 1 Euro per KG of plastic used in your business.

All proceeds from our offset program are directed to our partner organizations in the field not only eliminating plastic pollution form our oceans, however they as well:

  • Create sustainable livelihoods by creating jobs with litter pickers
  • Re-enter the plastics collected into the circular economy with second life products
  • Create alternative fuels with the end of life plastics minimizing the
    demand on virgin fossil fuels
  • Direct by products of the recycling process into building roads and
    other much needed capital infrastructure minimizing the need for
    new raw materials

To learn more about how these offsets work, we will be publishing our partners contributions in action bi-annualy.

The World Sustainability Foundation’s group of companies can help you in the process. Which allows you to promote your engagement and effort on this issue to your customers, while informing the public by means of our certification.

To learn more of how you can be a part of the solution, please contact us by means of the form bellow. One of our team will get back to you promptly. With how to take the next steps in offsetting your plastic footprint and become a Friend of the Sea Plastic Neutral certified company or individual.

Sustainable and Ethical Showroom

We at WSO group of companies hope to make offsetting your plastic footprint the first step in eliminating plastic pollution.

It is our hope that all of our Plastic Neutral companies will work towards best practice in:

• Reducing the use of single-use plastics
• Ensuring proper recycling of other plastics
• Participate in beach cleanups as a corporate exercise
• Avoid products containing microbeads and microplastic producing materials
• Seek out responsible alternatives to Plastic in their supply chain.

We are here to help you in all aspects of that Journey.

“Plastic is simply a part of our lives at the moment. Industry and
Innovation are slowly catching up to reduce this issue. However there is no silver bullet solution available today.

Offsetting your plastic footprint offers you and the companies you work for an opportunity to do something now.

Help us make you a part of the solution”

Adrian Midwood – Plastic Offset Development Officer

Learn more of our current initiatives with plastic pollution or download our Frequently asked questions sheet.

WSO group of companies has a proven track record of 30 years in sustainability certification. Serving 1500 companies, 5,000 products and 80 countries.

Working closely with SLABAccrediaKAN and IAF to ensure our standards are correct for our Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth companies

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Learn more of our current initiatives with plastic pollution or download our Frequently asked questions sheet.

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