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FeelGood Omega® H+


Pure & Sustainable Omega-3 Oil

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A pure, sustainable Omega-3 (EFA) calamari oil. Tested toxin and heavy metal free

  • Micro-filtered to ensure no heavy metals or toxins.
  • 2Tested for EPA and DHA content to ensure top quality.
  • 3Lab tested for toxins and heavy metal

    *We found squid met all of our criteria for a quality Omega-3 source: It has a great balance of EPA and DHA with extremely low toxin levels and a steady population rise for over 50 years.

    To summarize, squid oil is the Omega-3 winner. It is not only nutritionally comparable with the best sources of omega oil but it is also a ‘feel-good oil’ because its production does not deplete or disturb the natural food chain.We strive to carry the most complete, toxin free, and sustainable Omega-3 oil on the market. Since FeelGood® Omega H+ is an extremely pure Omega-3 oil, it is a cost-effective Omega-3 oil p/gram

    FeelGood Omega® H+ Ingredients

    Calamari (Squid) Oil Mixed Tocopherols


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