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Eneas Neto-Brazil

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-The company is undergoing Friend of the Earth’s audit. No garment has yet been certified.

Inspired by the world around him, Enéas Neto always looks for innovation and sophistication when creates new designs. Also he always respects the style and silhouette of each of his muses, as he used to call his clients.

Connecting manual work and 3D modeling allows Enéas Neto to create unique and timeless creations.

Tailoring and moulage techniques make it possible to avoid production waste. Modeling, in many cases, enables the Zero Waste production, so many clothes are created without generating any waste. With the focus on his material, the Enéas Neto connects craftsmanship and technology to create diverse, ethical and environmentally sustainable products.

Enéas Neto selects the materials due to their impact on the natural environment. The use of silk, recycled cotton and linen makes all his clothes environmentally friendly.

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