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Crina is a textile jewelry brand, with ancestral memory design, which brings horsehair yarns as the main raw material. From a sustainable bias, rescuing manual knowledge of guasqueria braids, creatively mixed with elements of the Pampa Gaucho and the jeweler universe.

With the purpose of being a form of connection with the horse and the instinctive force for those who use it.

The jewels are made by Priscila Rebelo, who saw in this residue of the shearing of Creole horses, a creative and economic potential.

An unusual raw material, loaded with stories and symbolisms, as it comes from the horse. Who we consider sacred animals, are a source of inspiration and representativeness of our ancestry.

They appear in various cultures as myths and divine representations. Many authors relate horses to the strength of the waters, power, transport, light and shadow and with the feminine instinct for the strength and natural beauty they possess.

We believe that the feminine is linked to the image of the horse, because just as they took us through great journeys during the construction of the history of humanity, women have the ability to carry us on a journey to life.

And in the fields of Pampa Gaúcho, horses are ingrained in the identity and cultural construction, of local history and economy.

Therefore, the brand is born in the extreme south of Brazil, with jewelry that compile this imaginary that forms our identity. And he rides along different paths, driven by the hair strands – which woven under the sensitive perspective of art therapy – reveal the soul and power of a territory and at the same time connects us with the world and the pulse of life.

Accessing affective and structural memories of strength, power and movement of various peoples and cultures. Honoring the origins while regenerating a culture with the essence of the now.

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