The Sustainable Restaurants project has been created by Friend of the Sea to help people find the nearest restaurants serving sustainable seafood.

If you are looking for ideas for sustainable fish, sushi or seafood, download our App. and make a sustainable and healthy choice!

Not only does it satisfy a genuine consumer need but it also, at the same time, rewards restaurants that serve at least one of Friend of the Sea certified product.

Sustainable Restaurant Program

Choosing a restaurant that serves Friend of the Sea certified sustainable seafood products favours:

Sustainable Restaurants

Healthy fish stocks

Fishing Methods

Fishing methods with low bycatch

Endangered Species

Protection of endangered species

Icon Respect Marine Habitat

Respect for the marine habitat


Compliance with laws and regulations

Icon Waste Management

Waste management and control

Sustainable Restaurants

Social accountability

Sustainable Restaurants
Find Sustainable Restaurants

To find restaurants near you that serve Friend of the Sea certified seafood products, download our App.

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