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Temakinho Nippo Sushi

The new menu expands the culinary offerings even further, with a wink to tropical culture and South America as a whole. Behind this change, which is the result of months of work by the Product Team, lies careful research and attention to customer needs. In fact, it was the customers enrolled in the Temakinho Family(click here) who tasted some dishes in advance and decided whether or not to add them to the chain’s restaurant menu. This is because it is the brand’s intention to renew its efforts to satisfy, amaze and excite guests, but also to involve them. An example of this is the product-testing campaign carried out by customers: we are talking about tacos de camarao, for which through a special promo customers have tried this new dish free of charge and expressed their opinions on the appreciation of the new entry, which, as you will discover, has been included in the menu.

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