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Premium UltraPure Fish Oil Omega-3 with EPA, DHA, DPA: High Potency Efacor

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  • GREAT TASTING, HIGH POTENCY & ULTRA PURE Omega-3 fish Oil with Over 1,000 mg EPA, DHA & DPA per serving.
  • Powerful Whole Body Health- Heart, Brain, Joints, Mood, Memory, Vision, Skin and Hair.*
  • Meets the FDA Formulary Requirement for Making The Health Claim This Product May Reduce The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease* 
  • Doctor Formulated. Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO.  “Friend of the Sea” Certified for sustainable & responsible sourcing.  
  • Premium Quality –  Heavy Metal Testing, Potency Verified and Sourced From Small Ocean Fish of Mackerel, Sardine & Anchovy.
  • Delicious citrus taste with natural flavors. Non-fishy. Natural Citrus Flavors Only. No Sugar or Sweeteners.
  • Doctor Formulated and Doctor Recommended– Offered in Hundreds of Clinics & Hospitals Eniva® Omega-3 EPA/DHA/DPA Efacor® Essential Fatty Acids Fish Oil provides premium potency and purity in a specialized supplement containing high-dose EPA and DHA. The omega-3 EPA, DHA & DPA formula provides these strongly-researched substances with a synergistic blend of other Omega-3 component


    Highly refined and concentrated omega-3 fish oil, capsule (gelatin, glycerin and purified water), natural citrus flavor, proprietary antioxidant blend (consisting of rosemary extract, ascorbyl palmitate and natural tocopherols).