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nu3 Premium Omega-3

Good for you: nu3 Omega-3 capsules

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✓ Optimal dosage: 800 mg EPA & 400 mg DHA per daily dose

✓ Easy to take: Two capsules in the morning

✓ Friends of the Sea certified: Sustainable fishing

✓ Tastes neutral: No fishy belching

✓ Premium quality: EPAX® Marines

Omega-3 concentratFor the marine omega-3 concentrate, we use certified fish oil concentrate from EPAX®. With over 180 years of experience, EPAX Norway AS sets standards in purity, quality and environmental sustainability. Peruvian anchovies (Engraulis ringens) are used for the fish oil production of the omega-3 capsules. These come from sustainable fishing. Under strict European directives, the high-quality, raw fish oil is then obtained. Processing into omega-3 fish oil takes place in Norway using state-of-the-art processes. A German quality manufacturer takes over the filling in fish oil capsules and packaging. The quality of the nu3 Omega-3 capsules is regularly checked by laboratory tests. In addition, the nu3 Omega-3 capsules from Friends of the Sea have been awarded a certificate for sustainable products from fisheries and aquaculture.


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