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Greensea sustainable shipping provider

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Fish shipping specialist

For us, it is important to ship your fish or other cargo globally. From any place around the world to any port around the world. GreenSea distinguishes itself from other companies by its unique approach: whereas most fishing vessels have to return to the closest port when they have loaded their cargo, GreenSea’s clients can stay right where they are. Our vessels load your cargo at sea. Always on the spot and on time. Or even as early as you want us to be. As a result, you won’t waste any time. We make sure your cargo arrives at its destination, regardless of the port limitations. Because our vessels are specially designed with shallow draft and can sail into different kinds of ports around the world. We take care of your cargo, while you do the fishing. We deliver peace of mind.

Additionally, to ensure global and efficient transfer from fishing vessel to reefer vessel, our vessels are equipped with cargo gear and other cargo handling equipment. We have our own forklifts, cages and cargo nets. We have fenders that can be used for transshipment operations. This allows us to carry out transshipments in restricted ports or at high-sea.

The GreenSea fleet is the largest in the sector and is comprised of some 45 high-standard, small to middle-sized, specialized reefer carriers, which we deploy worldwide to carry frozen fish, both in bulk and parcel. The capacity is as flexible as our client wants it to be.

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