Paolo Bray has been engaged for the last 30 years in protecting endangered species and in environmental conservation activities.

He is currently Director of International Programs – Dolphin-Safe project / Earth Island Institute and Founder and Director of World Sustainability Organization and the Friend of the Sea certification programme.

Over his almost 30 years of experience in conservation, Bray has helped start and develop several certification projects. The Dolphin-Safe project has been the pioneer of all certifications of products from sustainable fisheries. Dolphin-Safe helped save millions of dolphins from being killed by tuna fisheries deliberately targeting also dolphins.

In 2008, Bray created Friend of the Sea, currently the major international sustainability certification programme for seafood, aquaculture, Omega3, shipping, whale and dolphin-watching, and other products and services to act on potential impacts on the marine habitat. It is the only independent certification, nationally and CE accredited, covering both fisheries and aquaculture.

In 2016, Bray created Friend of the Earth, a major international certification programme for products from Sustainable Agriculture and Farming. Dozens of companies from all continents obtained the Friend of the Earth certification, including producers of rice, eggs, wine, oil, dairy products, quinoa, coffee, etc.

Recently, Bray has founded the World Sustainability Organization, which supports conservation projects and campaigns.

Paolo Bray studied at the International Sevenoaks School of Kent, UK, and graduated in International Politics at Bocconi Economics University of Milan. Bray lived and travelled all over the world and his international and pragmatic approach to sustainability, and his dedication to conservation projects, helped to establish organisations aimed to achieve important and tangible environmental protection results.

He is often invited as speaker at the major FAO meetings and other institutes conferences.

Dr. Paulo Bray - Director of Sea Friend

Dr Paolo Bray, Founder and Director of Friend of the Sea
Director of International Programs – Dolphin-Safe project / Earth Island Institute