ECO, Fisheries and Agriculture Improvement Projects

Companies whose products are not yet certifiable as Friend of the Sea or Friend of the Earth or companies which have products certified but would still wanto to boost their sustainability efforts, can apply to the WSO Improvement Program.

WSO Members participating to the WSO Improvement Program engage to

  • Undergo WSO’s experts preliminary assessment
  • Respect WSO’s agreed yearly improvement plan
  • Undergo WSO’s yearly performance monitoring plan
ECO, Fisheries and Agriculture Improvement Projects

Depending on companies and organisations’ area of activity, the improvement projects will be named:

  • Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs)
  • Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPs)
  • Farming and Agriculture Improvement Projects (FAIPs)
  • Eco Improvement Projects (EIP) (in all other cases, including traders, retailers, wholesalers and distributors)

Companies and organisations participating to the projects would be authorized to highlight their engagement towards sustainability by means of the Improvement Projects’ logo.

Yearly Improvement Projects fees depend on assessment complexity. Fees will be quoted, following receipt of the Preliminary Application Form.​