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-The company is undergoing Friend of the Earth’s audit. No garment has yet been certified.


HELENA PONTES is a brand representing authorial design in an entralace: of Brazilianness, craftsmanship, sophistication and quality of raw material.

The richness of details, exquisite finishes, textures and national natural fiber fabrics constitute what is luxury for us, as well as the hands that build them. All this process of making results in pieces of contemporary tailoring covered with uniqueness and affection.

In the encounter with Brazilian roots and in female ancestry that the products are developed, with purpose and meaning. Through tailoring shapes in cuts beyond classic consensuses with detailed local crafts techniques, which enable new perspectives of women.

RAW MATERIAL : When developing our products, we care about ensuring that the raw materials used come from suppliers committed to sustainable environmental and social development. Our raw materials are noble, of natural origin and woven in national territory. Such as linen, cotton, lyocell, and acetate. The only synthetic fiber we use in the composition of our pieces is the biodegradable polyamide Amni Soul Eco, developed by Rhodia. Light, absorbs sweat and promotes thermal balance.

STAMPING : Our printing is developed in partnership with Brazilian artists and designers. Through the digital printing process, with water-based, biodegradable and Oeko-Tex certified paints.

PRODUCTS: Handmade parts in Brazil with care and responsibility throughout the production process.

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