FoS certifies Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-tech Co. Ltd. For Land-Based Aquaculture

certifies Hangzhou

Chinese producer of Caviar and Sturgeon products recommits to sustainable fish farming practices

Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-tech Co. Ltd., one of China’s top producers of caviar and sturgeon from fish farming, has been certified for land-based aquaculture by  Friend of the Sea. Friend of the SEa is the leading certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment. With this certification, Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-tech can continue to display the Friend of the Sea eco-label on its products.

“You might think that land-based aquaculture is easy to certify for sustainability. After all, it’s theoretically easier to control all the moving parts of the operation when they’re all rooted on dry land. However, it’s actually quite a lot harder than you might imagine,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea. “Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-tech is a great example of the kind of commitment it takes to produce a great seafood product on land, but do it in a truly sustainable way.” Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-tech was first certified by Friend of the Sea in 2018.

Land-based aquaculture companies that want to be certified by Friend of the Sea must pass an exhaustive audit that covers a wide range of operational issues. These include the location of the site and its environmental impact, management of sustainable aquaculture systems, fattening and feeding practices, use of OGM and growth hormones, wastewater management, handling of hazardous substances and more. Energy management is also factored into the assessment, as is preventing diseases and use of drugs in the ecosystem.

The processing factory is located in Quzhou, China, at the source of Qiantang River, Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-tech is a Sino-foreign joint venture that integrates breeding, farming, processing and marketing of sturgeon. The eggs of the sturgeon, a fish often called a “live fossil in water,” are known popularly as caviar. Aquaculture is the best way to produce caviar, given the complexity of wild caviar fishing as well the effects of overfishing and pollution worldwide. To enter the competitive, gourmet-driven international caviar market, the company drew on its background with the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences. This provided strong technological support in farming and production.