31Aug 2018

In order to minimise administration costs, Friend of the Sea has a lean structure, comprising:

1) The Board of Directors including:

– a President: Dr. Franco Bray, a leading Food Technologies consultant;
– a Director: Dr. Paolo Bray, Franco Bray’s son, Director of International Programs – Dolphin-Safe project / Earth Island Institute;

2) The Advisory Board, composed of at least 4 members from around the world, who are mainly involved in environmental NGOs or seafood industries. The members are approached and selected by the Board of Directors to serve a 2 year-term and may stand for reappointment. Current composition:

– Amod Salgaonkar (India, Seafood Trade)
– Kevin Soares (USA, Seafood Industry)
– Mariasole Bianco (Italy, NGO)
– Natalie Fort (Ghana, NGO)

3) A team of dedicated professionals to carry out Admin, Marketing, Outreach and Scientific tasks.

4) The Friend of the Sea Technical Committee – an independent technical body with a key role in the development and revision of the Standards. The TC is composed of 14 to 21 members from different fields of activities (Seafood, Distribution/Retail, Government, Certification Bodies, NGOs, Education and Media) and geographical regions. The members are elected by the Advisory Board through CV analysis (spontaneously received or upon request) to serve a 3-year term and may stand for reappointment.