Abagold Ltd to be awarded by Friend of the Sea at the new harbour in Hermanus, South Africa

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On the 25th of June at the new harbour in Hermanus, South Africa, Abagold LTD will be recognised and receive the Friend of the Sea award for its engagement in sustainable aquaculture production, its renewable energy program and additional environmental awareness initiatives.


The South African company Abagold were audited for the first time in 2015 and found to be fully compliant with all the strict Friend of the Sea® criteria for sustainable aquaculture. 


Abagold are located in Hermanus, South Africa, and operate on four independent abalone farms.

The four aquaculture sites combined comprise 10 hectares and house over 2,000 land-based tanks. All potential environmental impacts are managed and professionally controlled, preventing any impact on the surrounding ecosystem. No change or alteration which could potentially have affected the environment negatively, occurred during and/or after the construction of all the various sites.


Abagold produces abalone, the world’s most desirable seafood, in close harmony with nature at the southern most tip of Africa. The pristine cool water of the Atlantic Ocean provides all the essential nutrients for the cultivation of the highest quality abalone. 


Abagold is committed to an integrated alternative energy solutions program, specifically focused on solar generation, and the potential generation of electricity through harnessing wave energy as well as an energy recovery system.


Furthermore, Abagold are actively lobbying both national and International organisations and governments to stop the high level of poaching and trade in poached or captured abalone leaving South Africa for Asia. Friend of the Sea certification endorses the commitment to sustainable production of abalone and in so doing the potential eradication of poaching. Support from the hospitality industry, by purchasing Abagold product, will help to achieve this dream of zero tolerance and the prevention of all abalone poaching and smuggling in the future.


Award ceremony in Hermanus 

Venue: Heart of Abalone (Pty)

Date and Time: 25th June at 2.00 PM


2.00 PM Introductory speech – Tim Hedges – Managing Director Abagold


2.15 PM Introductory speech – Dr. Paolo Bray, Founder and Director of Friend of the Sea


2.30 PM Dr. Paolo Bray will award Abagold for its engagement to sustainable aquaculture production, its renewable energy program and general awareness initiatives


3.00 PM Coffee break with refreshments


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