Unimak Maritime Groups Russian scallops verified FoS sustainable

Friend of the Sea announces the certification of North Kurilsk Seiner Fleet Base scallops. The company is the Russian partner of Unimak Maritime Group. The scallops are fished in the Pacific Ocean (Kuril Island and Okhotsk areas) where this species is abundant. North Kurilsk Seiner Fleet Base is a sister company to Kamchatka’s Tymlatskii Rybokombinat, which together with Unimak, obtained certification for sockeye and pink salmon.


The audit was run by an accredited international body and based on Friend of the Sea strict social and environmental requirements.


Use of dredges is authorized as the level of scallop population is so high that the gear does not touch the seabed. Vessels are operated at due distance from the coast: 12 miles for driftnets and 1.2 miles for traps. Crabs and echinoderms are immediately released alive when they accidentally enter the traps.


Discard of scallops fishing tends to zero. This achievement is neatly under 8% maximum allowed level of discard according to Friend of the Sea.

The reliability of the company is also proved by its modern fleet whose fishing vessels are mandatorily registered with Russian Federation’s flag.



“Unimak Maritime is proud of Tymlatski’s double Friend of the Sea certification.” comments Mr William Turner, Unimak Maritime Group’s President. “This further recognition confirms once again our deep sense of responsibility and attention to environmental conservation.”





UNIMAK MARITIME GROUP is an international company specialized in seafood sales and maritime vessel management. The company has more than 25 years of experience and it has developed a strong relationship with far East Russian producers. Head office is located in Washington State’s Bainbridge Island.

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