Tristan International tuna now Friend of the Sea labeled in US

American company Tristan International positively concluded Friend of the Sea audit for yellowfin and bigeye tuna. Derived products can carry the Friend of the Sea sustainability seal of approval.

Tristan International is supplied by Transmarina’s boats operating in the Southeast Pacific Ocean (FAO Area 87). Tuna is considered to be not overexploited in the mentioned fishing area according to the latest stock assessments. Fishermen use only long lines and purse seines. No protected areas are affected by the fishing activity. None of the by-caught species are included in the IUCN Red list of endangered species.

The fishery activities are monitored by the IATTC (Inter-America Tropical Tuna Commission).

A comprehensive traceability system is in place to guarantee that all Friend of the Sea requirements are fulfilled and that no mixing occurs between certified and not certified origins.

“We share the same sustainability vision of Friend of the Sea program”, remarks Mr. Ari D. Dorfsman, Vice President/Operations of Tristan International. “ Friend of the Sea has become the leading sustainability standard for many species and this recognition provides an important added value for our products”.


Tristan International

Founded in 2003, Tristan International was incorporated to promote the sales of Japanese-style ULT frozen Tuna Products in the United States and Canada.

As a production partner of Transmarina C.A., a fishing and processing company with exports to Japan and Europe located in Manta-Ecuador, Tristan International is able to offer seamless distribution of ULT sashimi-grade products across the country from ocean to consumer.

The company has its offices and plant in Dania Beach, Florida, and has invested in a state-of-the-art facility built to the high standards found in modern Japanese plants. It has ULT rooms to store its prized product at -76°F, temperature needed to keep its sashimi quality.

Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea is an international certification program for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Over 500 companies in more than 50 countries have relied on Friend of the Sea to assess the sustainability of their seafood origins. Audits, based on best and most updated available scientific data, are run by accredited independent certification bodies.