Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Hits the Runway at Milan Fashion Week – Brazilian Fashion Houses launch Friend of the Earth’s Certified Collections.

Sustainable and ethical fashion was in the spotlight at the Milan Fashion Week. During the Brasil Eco Fashion Week side event, eight Brazilian companies were promoted by Friend of the Earth for their commitment to reducing the impact on the environment.   The glamorous event – including a showroom and fashion show – allowed companies to present their products, worn by models from WSO Models, the first ethical agency created by the World Sustainability Organization.   The event showcased the most relevant and virtuous examples of Brazilian fashion. The South American country is internationally renowned for its fabrics and garments, the numerous woolen mills, exquisite craftsmanship, and embroidery.   Dona Rufina, the first of the Brazilian companies to achieve the Friend of the Earth certification, proposed pieces made of raw wool felt, a sustainable and innovative alternative in the fashion sector. Wool felt is thermally insulating, anti-inflammatory, non-flammable, and biodegradable, making it an excellent substitute for animal skins and synthetic materials. In addition, wool felt comes in blankets of various thicknesses to create a diverse array of products, including clothes, shoes, furniture, and decorations.   The felt raw material designed by Dona Rufina Marca is certified by Friend of the Earth. Products bearing the Friend of the Earth Sustainable Fashion eco-label undergo a rigorous independent control process to verify compliance with strict sustainability requirements, including the protection of wild fauna and flora; appropriate water, energy, and waste management; and social responsibility.   Friend of the Earth promoted seven other brands and designers during the event: Eneas Neto, KF Branding, Olé Rendeiras, Natural Cotton Color, Helena Pontes, Libertees, and Rico Bracco.   The fashion show was also the opportunity to see WSO Academy & Model Agency models walk down the catwalk. This new project from the World Sustainability Organization aims to offer a platform where models receive fair treatment, their rights are respected, and their personal background is valued, including their commitment towards the community and the environment. Meanwhile, benefits from the Academy will be used to support WSO conservation projects and campaigns.   The WSO Academy & Model Agency adheres to the following principles and guidelines: -The models must be treated following national employment and equal pay laws. -WSO MAA and its clients adhere to strict rules against discrimination and sexual harassment. -WSO MAA supports models to follow a proper nutritional and healthy diet. -WSO MAA models are encouraged to engage in conservation projects and community support initiatives. -WSO MAA recommends clients adopt sustainable practices. -WSO MAA does not work with companies involved in the sale of endangered species products. -Contribution to WSO MAA helps WSO conservation projects and campaigns   For more information, please visit the websites:

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