Norway KingCrab AS gains FoS sustainability certification

Norwegian leading manufacturer of quality king crabs products, Norway KingCrab AS has successfully undergone Friend of the Sea audit and its red king crabs (Paralithodes camtschaticus) can now carry the international sustainability seal of approval.

Norway KingCrab AS fishery is made up of small coastal vessel (under 11 mt) fishing with pots for a maximum of 30 pots for each vessel. No protected area is affected by  the fishing activities and pots do not impact the seabed. No by-catch or discard are generated as the pots are equipped with escaping way and non-target species or juveniles are released alive to the sea.

The target stock of red king crab is not overexploited in the fishing area (FAO AREA 27 North Eastern Atlantic ICES Ib, IIa) and overfishing is not occurring. Local authorities ensure very accurate controls and after each capture they communicate every single boat the new allowed fishing quota.  The fishery respects the threshold reference point indicated by ICES.

The fishery and processing plants have an efficient energy and waste management system in place. Waste is mostly recycled and there’s no use of ozone depleting refrigerants.

“Friend of the sea certification represents an important added value for our products” explains Svein Ruud, Norway KingCrab CEO “and we’re proud to have obtained this international acknowledgment”.

“This is the first Friend of the Sea certification of King Crab. The fishing method is particularly selective and the fishery deserves to be considered sustainable”, adds Paolo Bray Director of Friend of the Sea.

For more information, please contact:

Founder and Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea

Svein Ruud, CEO
Norway KingCrabs

Friend of the Sea
Friend of the Sea is an international non-profit certification scheme for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Certified products are fished from not overexploited nor IUCN Redlisted stocks and with selective methods which do not impact the seabed. Those originate from aquaculture are reared with respect of critical habitat, with no use of antifoulants, GMOS and growth hormones. 
Over 250 companies in 50 countries worldwide have relied on Friend of the Sea to certify the sustainability of the origin of their products. An estimated 40% of applications either do not qualify for audit (eg: because targeted stock is officially overexploited or data deficient) or else they do not pass the actual onsite audit (for non conformity with other requirements). Selectivity provides further assurance to consumers on the reliability of the certification. Nowadays 70 different species are available on the market with Friend of the Sea seal of approval

Norway KingCrab
Norway KingCrab is situated in the king crab center of Norway, Bugøynes. Bugøynes is in the centre of the Norwegian catching area for king crab close to Kirkenes and the Russian border on the Barents Sea coast. Norway KingCrab main product is live red king crab delivered all year round.