New Zealand CRAMAC5 red rock lobster confirmed certified FoS

New Zealand CRAMAC5 – member of the New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry Council (NZ RLIC) – has been confirmed compliant with all Friend of the Sea criteria for the sustainable fishing of red rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) following renewal audit. CRAMAC5 vessels will continue to proudly display the Friend of the Sea seal of approval.

CRAMAC5 membership comprises quota owners, processors, exporters, and fishermen.

Lobsters are caught by potting in the Southwest Pacific Ocean, in the specific area of Canterbury and Marlborough known as CRA5. This method has a minimal by-catch and a very low impact on the seabed. The audit activity, including on-board observations, has confirmed the total absence of banned fishing gears and methods, chemical substances or explosives.

CRAMAC5 fully complies with the comprehensive program of monitoring, surveillance, control and enforcement implemented by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries. A comprehensive traceability system is in place in order to guarantee that all Friend of the Sea requirements are fulfilled and that no mixing occurs between certified and non-certified origins.

“For nearly two decades CRAMAC5 has been working hard to make sure that lobster resources are well-looked after and the fishing activity meets appropriate environmental standards”, explains Mr Wichman of CRAMAC5. “We are proud that Friend of the Sea certification has been renewed, as it validates our continuous efforts.”

NZ RLIC Executive Office acknowledged the efforts made by CRAMAC5 to achieve re-certification by Friend of the Sea. “External third party validation of the Canterbury/Marlborough lobster industry is a suitable reward for the enterprise and innovation shown by the CRAMAC 5 membership over many years,” said Mr Sykes. “The duty of care shown by industry is clearly to the benefit of the lobster resource and to all legitimate harvesters.”




CRAMAC5 is derived from the Quota Management System designation for rock lobster, CRA, and Management Area Council. CRAMAC membership comprises CRA (rock lobster) quota share owners, processors, exporters, and fishermen (quota share owners/operators and ACE owners) in each of the nine rock lobster management areas. CRAMACs are shareholders in the New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry Council (NZ RLIC), and appoint the board of directors.
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Friend of the Sea
Friend of the Sea is an international certification program for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Over 400 companies in more than 50 countries have relied on Friend of the Sea to assess the sustainability of their seafood origins. Audits, based on best and most updated available scientific data, are run by accredited independent certification bodies.